Exam Information

MCTCB holds its ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician—Grade I Certification Exam and MCTCB Plant Certification Exam each spring (typically late April/ early May) in two Maine locations, and on the first Saturday in December (depending on demand) in one Maine location.

Our application can be downloaded below. Completed applications must be submitted and payments received no later than three (3) weeks prior to the exam, so check back here often for updates.


  • Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I exam:
    • Full – Written and Performance Exams – $325 ($250 Student)
    • Written Exam Only – $200
    • Performance Exam Only – $250
  • Plant Certification Exam:
    • Full – $100

Submit your Application


  1. Download and print the two-page Application,
  2. Complete, sign and date each page,
  3. Email your signed application to:,
  4. Mail payment, Payable to MCTCB to: MCTCB, c/o Russ Bragg, P.O. Box 241, LEE, ME 04455.

Please fill out your application COMPLETELY, including checking one of the boxes on page 2, section 12. Incomplete applications will delay the delivery of your study booklet.   For the exam, arrive at 8 a.m. unless you receive a call from MCTCB with a specific time for your arrival. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cancellations and No-shows receive no refund, and other specific rules apply (see application for details). 

OUR NEXT EXAM IS DECEMBER 4TH! Submit at least 3 weeks before exam!

Review the Study Booklet

Once your payment is received, we will mail you the study booklet with ASTM Standard Testing Procedures that you will need to review prior to taking the exam. Make sure you complete all of its practice exams!

Watch some Videos

These six videos are very helpful when preparing for the Performance Exam. We strongly suggest that you also get some hands-on testing experience before taking the exam. Click “Watch on YouTube” to see all of the six videos.

For the verbal portion of the Performance Exam: C172/C172M – 17—Sampling Freshly Mixed Concrete please refer to the study booklet and its practice exams.

Take the Exam

On the day of the exam , bring a #2 pencil (NO PENS), a calculator, and a mask. Due to COVID-19, masks must be worn at the exam site. You will want to bring your study booklet with you to study during the downtime between your taking the Written and Performance Exams.


Exam Locations

Auburn Concrete, 93 Scott Drive, Westbrook, Maine, and

Owen J. Folsom, 299 Gilman Falls Ave, Old Town, Maine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for the exam? Go to the top of this page and read through the steps on this website and on the application, when posted.
  • I failed the Written portion of the exam. What do I do now? You will need to re-apply and re-take the Written Exam within a year of the failed exam. You may take it through MCTCB or another sponsoring group with available exams listed on the ACI website :
  • Can I receive a refund? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cancellations and no-shows receive no refund.
  • When will I receive my Study Booklet? Typically within a week after we receive your payment.
  • Can I change exam locations? Possibly, but only with prior approval from MCTCB.
  • When will I get my exam results? ACI typically mails your results to you within 4 weeks of your exam.
  • Are there COVID-19 requirements for taking the exam? Yes. Covid-19 -related requirements are included with the application.

How can I ask MCTCB a question? Check out our CONTACT page.

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